Organic Air is Truly a breath of Fresh Air

How  AirRestore Works

Mother Nature keeps the air fresh outside. AirRestore does her job indoors.

Organic Air Technology restores the natural energy missing from indoor air. Air Naturalizers produce the energized elements that naturally belong in the air, but are lacking access to its natural resources: the sun and wind.

Inside each Natualizer is an Ionic Engine that produces the energy your indoor air lacks. A small fan is continuously blowing these elements out into the room. These energized elements cause a series of natural oxidation and reduction reactions that break down the pollutants in the air on a molecular level. Your AirRestore returns the natural cleaning properties found in outdoor air, to the air indoors!

Step 1  The Naturalizer takes the ambient air around the unit and pulls it into the Plasma Chamber area. The air is then re-energized and regains it’s cleaning abilities.

Step 2  The energized air is then dispensed to every corner of the room by the system’s Ionic Engine-putting the energized elements to work, causing a series of OXIDATION and REDUCTION reactions that essentially use all the elements in the air during the clean up process.

Step 3  The Ionic Engine is also causing smaller particles, such as dust and dander, to fall out of the air and out of our breathing space, effectively reducing the level of pollutants in the air.

Reactive methods are limited.

Traditional Air Purifiers and their reactive technologies are very limited. They rely on the air passing through a filter, leaving a majority of the active air filled with microscopic pollutants.

Organic Air Technology is the Proactive Solution!

AirRestore’s energized elements fill the room and continually find and attack germs, bacteria, pet dander, viruses and mold on a molecular level without the use of harmful chemicals or perfumes.

It is so thorough it can even help with odors in carpeting, drapes and upholstery.

Organic air and Life Quality

The quality of our air that we breathe has impacts on our bodies. The cause of concern for many people is outdoor pollution. Indoor air is typically 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air.


Bad air quality has numerous effects on all of us but especially children, the elderly and people with breathing difficulties. Fresh air is always good. It helps clean our lungs among many other positive benefits. Click on the link below to read the article “6 Health Benefits of Fresh Air”  DOWNLOAD HERE

Smoke and

Vape Odor

Even set in smoke in fabrics. SMOKE REMOVAL blending in with the crowd & start getting noticed


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Energy Technology.

Air is only healthy when it’s fresh. It’s only fresh when it’s organic, and energized.

Powerful, energy-efficient, discrete, and best yet.


High pollution can be associated with heart problems. When the air is toxic long term, the defects can advance the risk of developing cancer and other diseases. Therefore it is very important that we breathe fresh unpolluted air. Solving indoor air pollution helps the lungs to easily absorb and maintain higher blood oxygen levels because of the fresh air. When your body has a sufficient supply of oxygen, you have greater clarity in your brain, it aids in digestion, blood pressure and helps your immune system. Click on the link below to read “Why Getting Fresh Air is so Good for You”       DOWNLOAD HERE


Smell is one of the first senses that develop in the human bodies and arguably the most immediate of senses. Odors in our homes can come from smoke, garbage bins, our pets and can mix with other pollutants like cleaning supplies, beauty supplies and all of the items in our homes that off-gas such as wood, stain guard on furniture and carpets, even flame retardant material. These pollutants end up mixing with air that we breathe. AirRestore works to eliminate odors and pollutants and brings our indoor air back to its natural state. Fresh!

Don’t forget that our Naturalizers are only 4 ½” tall are portable and are designed for use in your car, RV or any other place you want to breathe fresh air or need to get rid of odors quickly.